Other Resources


California Air Resources Board – Drive Clean

Create a side-by-side comparison of the potential costs, savings and environmental impacts of automobiles manufactured since 2000.

Zero Waste California
Zero Waste California is waste awareness program established by the State of California to promote zero waste philosophy. Zero Waste California describes the importance of recycling and what you can do to help California produce zero waste.

SmartEnergy Analyzer™
SmartEnergy Analyzer™ is Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s (PG&E) online home energy audit program. The SmartEnergy Analyzer™ teaches homeowners about energy efficiency and helps them decide which energy-efficient appliances and home improvement projects are with the initial extra costs.


Marin Clean Energy (MCE) My Energy Tool

This tool assesses home energy use and makes efficiency upgrade recommendations with cost and payback information.

EPA Household Carbon Footprint Calculator

This tool calculates financial savings and CO2 reductions for a variety of suggested actions that can be taken by individuals in their homes.
The Cool California Calculator breaks down emissions into five categories: transportation, housing, food, goods, and services. The calculator expresses annual C02 emissions in various equivalents such as barrels of oil and acres of forest.
This tool allows users to explore greenhouse gas emissions from large facilities. You can view facilities in your state or create a custom search for a specific facility or location.